Black Bolt
Black Bolt
Portrayed by Dylan O'brien
Full Name Blackagar Boltagon
Age 19
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions Titans


King of the Inhumans on his earth.

On this earth, one could easily see him as being a younger version of this worlds Black Bolt…but otherwise? he is a nobody.


On his earth, Blackagar was readily feared by everyone in his community just for his Inhuman powers….and they were right. After he controlled his speech however by making himself refuse to talk, he was seen to be a wise leader as his time as a recognized prince. and even moreso when he shifted power to the Genetic Council out of fear he wasn't ready. On this world however, nothing is known about him other than what may be carried from the Blackagar of this world. Here, Black Bolt has no set reputation.


Blackagar Boltagon is the son of the leading geneticists of Atillan, the homecity/country of the Inhumans. While most inhumans are exposed to the mist after a just deed or proof of worth, Blackagar was exposed while in his Mother's womb, resulting in a..much more interesting metagenic response. His father, and the genetic council, secluded him to isolation in a room that was completely protected from his voice; so powerful that upon his first cry in birth it destroyed a building.

For the next 19 years of his life, Blackagar lived in this room. Completely detached from society and others, very few people were even permitted to see him outside of his family. Only his immediate family was really allowed to see him, but this was eventually extended. His closest cousins were permitted to visit and play with him, being some of the only people he had authentic human interaction with. While he was alone for most of his life, he began to learn to control himself and his power, reaching a point that he would not even fall asleep, instead choosing to mediatate as to not even so much as yawn. The time he spent in his isolation was being educated in standard Inhuman education. When he was finally released from that prison of a room to the Atillan population, Blackagar attempted to integrate himself fully…but had trouble with this at first. By this time, however, his father had recently become King of the Inhumans with Blackagar's younger brother, Maximus, as his envoy.

Blackagar's arrival to society marked a change for Maximus, moving to eliminate both his father and brother by allying himself with the Kree. In a conflict between Maximus and the Kree, Black Bolt destroyed the Kree ship with his shout, but, consequently, his father was also killed by the action. This resulted in him being exiled by his brother Maximus as he stole the throne and Blackagar went into hiding. Blackagar has wandered the globe, haunted by the death of his father at his own doing. However, his exile would not be long as he reinvigorated himself with purpose. This was his brother's fault…if not for the Kree, this mess would never have begun, he thought.

and as such, Blackagar confronted Maximus…but as he was preparing to end his brother after a few moments of Hesitance, Maximus used that to his advantage, managing to escape. Upon transfering kingship to the genetic council, for he believed he wasn't ready for the weight of the crown, the Council sent out Blackagar and the Royal family to learn more about earth and the humans..however, Maximus would soon have his revenge. Upon confronting and using a weapon unknown to Blackagar, Maximus blasted him in actuality into a parrellel world, leaving Blackagar angered and confused.

Now, Black Bolt attempts to make sense of this new world…but without Attilan, and with Inhumans scattered…what will he do? He now wanders this world, ending up in New York City, trying to make sense of it all.

Character Details

Blackagar is at heart, an extremely kind and loving person who longs for friendship and acknowledgement. However, the weight of royalty has caused him to be serious and straightforward, as with his disciplined nature when dealing with official matters. When on a casual basis though, Blackagar is kind and open, always loving a conversation. He can be too trusting at times, which can lead to easy betrayals by his fellow man. Otherwise, he has a natural charm about him, and is quick to make friends and slow to make enemies. He is -very- patient, and always would rather talk things out than abruptly fight, though that can change on the circumstance.

All around, a very kind person.


Image Name Relation Information
Red Robin Team Lead Blackagar first met Tim Drake during his earliest days in this world. With his help, Blackagar became more acquainted with the world as well as became a member of the Titans. Telepathy accepting.
Caitlin Fairchild Adored Teammate When Black Bolt and Caitlin Fairchild met, they hit it off immediately with a fantastic start. It's not uncommon to see them speaking to one another in Titans Tower. Black Bolt finds her to be quite loud and superbly friendly. Friend. Telepathy accepted.
Iso Friendly (?)Teammate With Iso being an Inhuman, she was one of the incentives of Blackagar joining the Titans, since he is quite protective of all Inhumans (since he is the king of them after all). They got off to an amusing start that involved slipper-eating cats. Telepathy denied.
Supergirl Alien Friend Black Bolt and Kara first met by bumping right into each other like a cheesy scene from a film. They connected easily due to being displaced in some form or another on this world with various circumstances. Blackagar is quite happy to have a friend already like Kara Zor-El. Telepathy Accepted.
Silk Friendly Teammate Blackagar and Silk easily connected due to being brand new members of the reformed Titans superhero group. They both seem to have similar experiences in isolation and their attitudes towards the world is very similar. He's happy to call her his friend and ally. Telepathy Denied.
Impulse Speedy Teammate Bart was one of the first people to welcome Black Bolt to the Titans. As fast as he is eternally hungry, it was with Bart that Blackagar tried pizza for the first time. Needless to say, they are already great friends. Telepathy accepted.
Emery Papsworth Totally adopted father-figure Emery was the first person who found Blackagar wandering about aimlessly, and with his help, Black Bolt was able to operate and look at least a little bit like he belongs. Without Emery, Black Bolt doesn't know what would have happened. He already considers the Irish-sounding man a father-figure, one he can seek advice with. Telepathy unknown.
Aquaman Fellow King It was Aquaman who met with Blackagar after the latter coincidentally found him to reveal to him Attilan's fate on this world. While it left Black Bolt heartbroken, he's respected this king since he was a child. Were the situation allowing, he would have brokered an alliance with Arthur Curry during his earliest days as king. Black Bolt carries a high respect for the King of Atlantis. Telepathy accepted.
th?id=OIP.tvnlLZr-45uR1B-rPBIg8QEsEs&w=182&h=182&c=7&qlt=90&o=4&pid=1.7 Wonder Girl Friendly Teammate Cassie was one of the first Titans Blackagar met, the other being Tim Drake as Robin…while the instance in which they met was interesting (involved a bird monster), they became very fast friends and often have pleasant heart to heart conversations.



RP Logs & Journals

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March 31, 2018: Call for an Exterminator?

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March 28, 2018: Saving a Superman

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March 15, 2018: Telepaths in New York

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February 25, 2018: A Nu You

Ardelle emerges from her cocoon after Terrigenesis, fleeing the site of her mentor's death. Coming upon Black Bolt, the new Inhuman vents her trauma and gets some small idea of who she now is.

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January 31, 2018: A Friendly Spar

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