Batgirl (Gordon)
Oracle ((formerly) Batgirl)
Portrayed by Alexandra Breckenridge
Full Name Barbara Joan Gordon
Age 28
Height 5'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Skin Fair
Factions Birds of Prey, Bat Family



Barbara Gordon? She's the daughter of Jim Gordon, the GCPD police commissioner. She's a research librarian at Gotham U. Really good at finding answers for people. She's just part time, though, so making rent must be tough.

Batgirl? There's always a Batgirl around somewhere. The latest one doesn't have the red hair that the first one did, though. Maybe she cut it. Or maybe it's a new Batgirl? Who knows?

Oracle? Hackers talk about the Oracle sometimes, but nobody knows who or what it is. It's probably some consortium of hackers. Or maybe a really brilliant AI. Who knows?


Barbara Gordon was adopted by Jim Gordon after the untimely death of her parents. Her father was an alcoholic, and his drinking led to a car accident that only Barbara survived. When her uncle Jim (potentially her biological father; shh) brought her to Gotham to be raised by him and his wife, Barbara became quickly fascinated by the city's shadowy vigilante. She learned everything she could about him, eventually making her own bat costume and taking to the city rooftops. Though Batman initially resisted the idea of an addition to his league who he hadn't chosen, she was eventually included as one of the Batfamily.

Her time as Batgirl came to a sharp end when the Joker shot her, severing her spinal cord and taking the use of her legs. But where Batgirl died, the Oracle was born like a phoenix from the ashes. If anything, the incident made her more cold and determined to be a new kind of hero.

Character Details

At heart, really deep down, Barbara is gentle and loving and still an optimist even after everything. A lot of that, though not all of it, is hidden under a very professional shell when it comes to keeping her family and friends alive and safe. She can be ruthless, but Barbara is not a killer. She may have access to just about every secured network, but she doesn't use that access unless she needs to. Her code of ethics is strong, and her loyalty to her people is absolute.


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RP Logs & Journals

March 12, 2018: The Wonderful Wizardess of Gotham

Jessica Jones' request for a local forensics lab recommendation yields a little more from her latest employer than she expected. "Miss Delphi" offers an invitation into a secret team.

(permalink: log:7097 | tags: batgirl jessica_jones | posted: 15 Mar 2018 04:15)

March 07, 2018: The Passenger, or: Strange Things Afoot At The Circle K

Two Birds of Prey and two possibly-future Birds of Prey investigate some mysterious bread and, in so doing, explode half the toilets in the Narrows.

(permalink: log:7059 | tags: batgirl big_barda jessica_jones raven red_sparrow | posted: 07 Mar 2018 06:21)

February 12, 2018: First Flight

Oracle recruits a new Bird for her aerie.

(permalink: log:6920 | tags: batgirl red_sparrow | posted: 12 Feb 2018 07:06)

February 09, 2018: Thor's troubles with IT

Barbara helps Thor with his comm unit.

(permalink: log:7018 | tags: batgirl thor | posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:32)

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