Batgirl (Cain)
Black Bat
Portrayed by Maki Horikita
Full Name Cassandra Cain
Age 19
Height 5'5"
Build Very slender but fit
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Pale
Factions Bat Family


The newest Batgirl, silent terror of Gotham.


Little is known about the mysterious Orphan who roams the streets of Gotham. Recently she's taken to picking fights with gangs, assassins, and anyone else who crosses her path and seems overly violent. She always wins. Rumors suggest that she might be some kind of assassin…


  • Cassandra was raised in the care of assassins to be the ultimate weapon and a bodyguard. They trained her without language so that she would learn to interpret body language as if it were normal speech.

* Cassie never had a normal childhood and didn't socializae regularly. She exceeded any expectation and learned all manner of martial arts and infiltration techniques.

  • Cass was forced to assassinate a man as her final test for the League. She thought of it as a game but was horrified by the pain and misery they felt as they died. Realizing she'd done a terrible thing Cassandra fled.

* Cassandra lived on the streets as a homeless, guilt-ridden loner for several years. Now, however, it appears to be time for her to return to the world and see about stopping her father.

Character Details

Calm, collected, and methodical. Very precise and self-assured. Almost never attempts to speak or, indeed, make any noises whatsoever.


Image Name Relation Information
image01.jpg Catwoman Ally Found Cass when she was alone in the city and took her in. Even avoided leading her to a life of crime somehow.
Image Name Relation Information
batman-the-animated-series-featured-image.jpg Batman Ally Protector of Gotham and Cassandra's benefactor. Recruiter. Father figure?
Image Name Relation Information
Spoiler.jpg Stephanie Brown Friend First, best, and closest friend.


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RP Logs & Journals

February 06, 2019: No Mercy

A group of Gothamites, plus the Punisher, investigate a missing persons case in the Narrows. They find far more and far worse than they expected. Language warning. (Emits by Nate).

(permalink: log:8384 | tags: batgirl-c deadshot gotham huntress punisher red_hood sup the_punisher x-man | posted: 06 Feb 2019 04:43)

January 03, 2019: Surprise Home Visit

Cassandra shows up at Spider-Man's home to teach him a lesson about covering his tracks.

(permalink: log:8320 | tags: batgirl-c nyc spider-man | posted: 04 Jan 2019 04:21)

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