Portrayed by
Full Name Astrea Gartanum
Age 18 (22)
Height 5'10"
Build Slight and wiry
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Skin Pale



She is really no one in this world, more so than most.


Fighting, in a way, was in Astrea's blood and yet, for her it was a sense of duty and honor to go out and protect her home. She grew up hearing stories of her father, her aunt, her brother, and many others. Fighting and battle held a romantic notion for a girl who found happiness and smiles in everything she did. So, when th etime came she signed up to be a soldier. Unfortunately, where she comes from, there's a rare disease that is so nearly unheard of that the cure was thought by some to not exist. However, her grandfather had traveled far and wide and he knew of a city where the cure was there for her.

None could know that the disease, in its own way, was a form of darkness visited upon their world by things far older, far darker, and not at all from their own dimension, let alone their own world. It was to draw particular candidates to one city in particular, one almost nexus that was slowly becoming a way for darkness to spill over. These candidates would be pawns for these insidious beings much as all in the city were becoming. As Astrea arrived in what is widely known as the City of the Healing and to some the City of Blood, she had hope for a cure.

The clerics there assured her that the ministrations they used were beyond reproach. That the blood ministrations were capable of healing any ailment. What she didn't know was that a mysterious being had provided those there with secret magic and odd fluid it called blood to mix with their own in order to 'heal' others. Many had used it and it had become a commonplace 'cure' among the people. Sadly, the side effects had turned more and more dark as time had gone on.

Now, with Astrea's arrival, the people here had told her that there was but one price for her healing. Become a part of the hunt that would take care of strange creatures that had been haunting their streets at night. What she didn't tell her was that the creatures were people who had been effected by the side effects of the blood ministration. When Astrea started her treatment, she passed out into nightmare and restless sleep. When she awoke, she found herself in a room with only one exit and slowly she left only to find weapons and clothing already layed out for her. Dressing and preparing herself, assuming the weapons were for the hunt, she left only to be greeted by a terrifying creature resembling a wolf but far larger and lankier.

As time passed, she'd find stranger and stranger things. The whole city had been locked down. None would open their doors. The walls of the city has been locked and those people that were in the street would scream and attack her on sight, acting like madmen. Some even seemed to have strange fur and claws. As time passed, she began to run into more and more mutated, altered and mad creatures but she'd also occasionally find people who were sane. Telling her she must stop these creatures.

And so her time went on, learning to follow trails, learning how things and people moved, constantly fighting. She found a chapel, a church where she could send people who were not mad and yet hte night went on. She knew more time had passed than what should for a night this long and yet hte night did not end. Then finally, she was overwhelmed by a massive creature, slammed through a wall…only to awaken later back in the church she found. The people there claming she'd fallen asleep there and only just awoken but the night was still the same. The moon still in the same place…and on it went. For what seemed like months (nearly 24 months to be exact) she fought, fighting through creatures and places, even seeming to fight the same things. The more she fought, the more she started to see more and stranger creatures till finally she saw them.

Strange, multi-limbed creatures easily 5 or 6 stories tall, with heads filled with eyes and a body seemingly made of nothing but ribs and hair hanging off almost every building. Finally, as it was clear she saw them, one reached down with one of its car sized hands and snatched her up. It stared at her and light and fire began to consume her…till finally it stopped and she was sure she'd awaken in the chapel. However, this time she did not.

Instead she was standing there in a strange alleyway in pure silence that slowly faded into a horrible cacophony. Horns blaring, people yelling, what sounded like a gunshot in the distance and lights flaring in from both ends of the alleyway. She stared up and looked around for the odd creatures only to see nothing. Her gaze staring for a long time at the sky, the moonless, starless dark black above her before finally she chose a direction, unsheathed her weapons and began to walk. Had she finally escaped or was this simply another part of this nightmare.

Character Details

Astrea was proud to sign up for the military as many in her family had done for generations. She had a sense of duty and honor that was tarnished in her mind by her seemingly incurable disease. Hope had raised her spirits when she heard of a cure until the price of that cure proved to be quite insidious. Her honor and pride kept pushing her along in the nightmare she ended up in. She has a strange ability to find the hope in many situations, the silver lining even in darkness. An ability that has kept her going even through the darkest of situations and kept her stubborn nature strong in the face of daunting odds. Unfortunately, even with her generally hopeful attitude, months and months of battle against nightmares has also turned her rather wary and unsure of anyone. While she has tried to remain the person she was, reality has made her a hopeful, kind…spring trap.


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