Portrayed by Colton Haynes
Full Name Roy Harper
Age 24
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Greenish Blue
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian
Factions Stormwatch


Former Speedy, agent of Stormwatch


Smartass, womanizer, devoted father to Lian Harper, the little princess. A handful to work with, but a good person


When did Roy Harper's real origin start? In a fiery blaze, with the death of his widower father, Roy William Harper Sr., in a forest fire? In the lonely tranquility of the Native American reservation, with the Navajo tribe that took him in to honor the son of the man who gave his life to save people in a forest fire?

Whatever the case, Roy Harper would spend his early years learning archery to quell the loneliness the young boy felt. Because he was alone and had few friends, Roy developed his skills greatly under Brave Bow, the medical shaman of the Navajo tribe, but his greatest skill was his archery.

It took time to develop his archery, learning how to aim, fire, and use various other weapons int he process. The boy learned, not only how to aim a trick arrow, but also how to study the movements of the criminals, how to judge the best way to incapicate them, and how to hone his body to respond instantly to the demands he would place on it in crime fighting. He learned, not only the way of the bow, but the zen necessary to become one with the arrow, and the will to endure any strain he placed on his body to form the true path of the Archer. And one day he stepped forth as 'Speedy'.

He would meet other sidekicks, forming friendships that would last, evolving their 'club' into a force for superheroes in later years: The Titans.

And then the bad times came. Finding himself alone and despondent, Roy turned to drugs for comfort, developing a heroin addiction that drove him further and further into despair. Roy found the strength to carry on a life without drugs.

To prevent others from experiencing the same despondency that he did, Roy found a job at a center, helping to counsel other teens with drug problems, and carrying on a solo career as Speedy.

Roy's life as a counselor and solo vigilante would end when the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) approached him. The CBI, led by Sarge Steel, was largely concerned with drug trafficking and terrorism, and were interested in Roy for his skills and his knowledge. They would train him in undercover work, and in firearms, expanding his repertiore greatly. Under the CBI, Roy would work as a drug enforcement agent.

During this time, one of his assignments was to go undercover, and gain the trust of an assassin. The intent was to turn her over to the authorities, but Roy never did have a way of doing things easily. He would, of course, fall in love with the villain, and have an affair with her. Eventually, he left her, since he could not turn her in and his presence was endangering her life, not knowing that she was pregnant.

He would not discover this until the day he went on a mission to find and stop a plot to assassinate a diplomatic entourage. Roy, somehow thinking he could convince the assassin to not carry out her work, fell into her hands, and had to be freed by a certain young sidekick with extremely good detective skills… who presented him with someone left in his care.
That someone would turn out to be the apple of Roy's eye… his daughter, Lian.

After Lian came into Roy's life, Roy balanced fatherhood with his government work, taking on more local, domestic duties, which would lead, eventually, towards Stormwatch…

Character Details

Roy can be pretty intelligent when he wants to be, but a good amount of time, falls by the wayside due to his being prone to jump to conclusions and being brash. He is loyal to a fault, stubborn and headstrong.


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