Portrayed by Emma@Lilfaun Cosplay
Full Name Jessica Miriam Drew
Age 24
Height 5'6"
Build Shapely but athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions SHIELD


Eating sixteen packets of butter in one sitting.


Jessica Drew is known for sometimes being mouthy or standoffish but also being highly capable. She's variouslybeen a private investigator and a "normal" citizen but never been someone who has tons of close friends. She is, however, extremely competent and reliable, and often a source of good practical advice. Even if her knowledge of history is a bit suspect.


Jessica was born on Wundagore Mountain to a pair of famous geneticists, Johnathan and Miriam Drew. There they conducted extensive research on spider DNA and how to integrate it into the human genome with beneficial effect. When Jess was young she developed a terminal case of cancer and to treat it her father injected her with a genetically volatile spider serum he had been working on.

Jessica was always different from other children and was generally mistrusted or ostracized thanks to the strange tendencies she exhibited. When she was in her teens her parents vanished and she was very afraid until some people were kind enough to take her in. HYDRA had been watching Jessica and approached her to join them, saying they intended to help the world.

As a member of HYDRA Jessica trained extensively to be a formidable combatant ad an assassin. Jessica also used them in order to try to find out what connection they had to her parents. It became clear later that HYDRA had funded her parents research and may have been responsible for her "creation".

While on a mission for HYDRA Jessica became captured by SHIELD and had her memory restored and indoctrination removed. They helped her prove that HYDRA had her parents killed and recruited her to help them fight HYDRA.

Though some people have misgivings Jessica is currently a well-respected and very competent field agent.

Character Details

Jessica is opinionated and sometimes confrontational. She has strange views of the world and isn't afraid to show them but is generally also quite dependable and even accepting if you can get past her firebrand in-your-face attitude. Jessica likes to be right, is fairly sarcastic, and also extremely smart. She's a rather maternal sort of person and offers practical advice and comfort to people around her, especially burgeoning heroes. She'll help if you ask. She also might crack a joke or tell you how stupid you are in the process.



  • Jessica's natural hair color is brown. She dyes it black but she might bring back her childhood look.
  • Jessica's favourite salad dressing: ketchup
  • Favourite food: Butter
  • The weird mask Jessica wears actually helps her parse her enhanced vision.
  • Jess can identify a person by smell from over 40 meters away.
  • Jessica's least favourite store: Bath and Body Works

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