Portrayed by Elena Satine
Full Name Mera of Atlantis
Age 32
Height 5'7
Build Swimmers Athletic
Eyes Dark Green
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian
Factions None


Queen of Atlantis and Aquaman's 'better half'. But if anyone dares to call her Aquawife to her face, she will damage them. With extreme prejudice.


To the surface dwellers, she is relatively unknown outside of certain hero circles — specifically her husband's allies — but in Atlantis, she is as instantly recognizable to her subjects as Queen Elizabeth is to hers. She is known for being fair and reasonable for the most part, but the Court regularly dreads the inevitable day when she will take offense at some trivial item or other. In reality, while Mera does have a flash temper, she has learned when it is best to rein in her reactions and not lash out at those around her. Well, most of the time.


Born and raised in the Atlantean penal colony of Xebel which resides in an alternate dimension only accessible from Earth through a portal located under the Bermuda Triangle.

Was trained by and sent from Xebel to Atlantis to assassinate Arthur, but after meeting him realized his death would only destabilize the underwater realm. She refused to follow through with the assassination, and in doing so turned her back on her home colony.

Was a princess of the ruling family of Xebel and heir to the throne, but in refusing to assassinate Arthur she essentially forfeited her claim to the throne and her sister is now the queen of Xebel.

She has been married to Arthur for about five years by surface dweller reckoning, and has only recently started accompanying him to visit the surface.

Character Details

Under normal circumstances, Mera is businesslike and regal, every inch the Queen to her husband's throne. Give her something to be angry about, though and she is as potentially as dangerous as the oceans that are her home.


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