Ant-Man (Lang)
Portrayed by Paul Rudd
Full Name Scott Lang
Age 33
Height 6'0
Build Lean
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian




Scott Lang isn't particularly well-known by anyone, and the name 'Ant-Man' is seldom regarded as anything more than an urban myth by the average conspirace theorist; a wild propaganda story whipped by the US to scare the commies during the 80s. Fortunately, such relative anonymity allows him to operate in relative secrecy beneath the footsteps of all the giants treading their way across the news, though most of it's done under the careful watch of his benefactor, who's likewise keen to avoid attention from the people (and agencies, let's say) who actually /do/ know about them.


Scott was a relatively normal guy with a normal life charted out for him: Electrical engineering degree, nice job at a respectable company, beautiful wife, adorable daughter. Only then the company he worked for turn out to not be so respectable after all, plagued with book-cooking, false promises, and bleeding its customers dry in all those most-illegal ways best reserved for the wet dreams of Goldman-Sachs executives and such. After all the tried-and-true methods of whistleblowing failed to get traction in any of the ways that counted (mostly they just got Scott threatened with a one-way trip to unemployment office if he didn't lay off), Scott decided to take matters into his own hands.

First he made copies of all the company's sensitive data pertaining to their illegal practices and shared them on everyone's favorite bathroom wall, the internet. That got some nice hipster slacktivism outrage going and some rumblings about federal investigations, but as all the typical legal mumbo jumbo was deployed there seemed to be less and less chance of anything actually happening, so Scott began to take it a bit further. He started breaking into corporate accounts and distributing funds back where they belonged: To the people! Not only did it feel great, but Scott began learn he was pretty good at the art of being a thief; damn good, in fact! One successful burglary led to another, and Scott, feeling high off the fumes of being a modern day Robin Hood, began to think he would never get caught.

Then he got caught. Damn.

Then he got sentenced to prison. Double damn.

Then his wife left him and got custody of their adorable daughter because he was totally a criminal who was in prison (and later she married a cop). /Triple damn/.

The next couple of years weren't great for Scott(At least white collar crime carries a short sentence though, right?). Prison wasn't all HBO made it out to be-he made friends, found ways to get by, didn't become anyone's prison bride-but it was still prison, and not missing out on Cassie's first years was a real twist of the knife. So when he got out, he resolved to be a changed man: No more snooping around, breaking into places and grabbing money. From here on out, his life would be legit.

Six weeks later his resolve got him a pink slip from Baskin-Robbins and a world full of worries wondering how to convince his ex he was responsible enough to see his daughter when it seemed impossible to find and keep a job as an ex-con. Then one of his buddies told him about a place; an old house owned by some rich guy on vacation, packed with a safe and who knows how many valuables stowed inside. It was a simple job, an easy job, and it would get him some desperately needed assets and time to figure out what he was going to do next.

Alright, fine, Scott's in for one last ride.

Well, it turned out the ride was a doozy. Turned out the guy who owned the house was a scientist who hand-picked to him to wear a crazy suit that lets him get real small, get real big, /and/ talk to ants. Turns out that one desperate decision lead to one of the best choices he ever made and maybe, just maybe, he can actually be the hero his daughter sees when she looks at him.

Turns out that being Scott Lang might be alright after all.

He really would've picked a cooler name than 'Ant-Man', though.

Character Details

Scott's like that kid in high school who always had a smart-ass response ready on his lips, even if he was about get his teeth knocked out (and that fact definitely didn't keep him from saying it, either). He's got a plucky persistence to match his disarming sense of humor, which goes a long way towards winning over the most stoic, stalwart sorts of people who flap capes around in the night and drive cool cars. His humor is to some extent a survival mechanism: When you're a relatively normal guy running around in the same space as super aliens and gods before you even start getting to the /bad/ guys, then being able to laugh about it is the one of the only ways you can cope.

He's also, in some respects, a family man trying to do his best. Being Ant-Man is Scott's way of reclaiming the sense of heroism he's wanted to feel ever since the last time he thought he was doing the right thing and live up to the image his daughter has of him. Although 'do it for her' may be as old as Homer Simpson, Cassie really is what drives Scott to even set foot in the same arena as guys who spent all their adult life doing push-ups with Gimli from Lord of the Rings or what have you.


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