Portrayed by
Full Name Kelly Smith
Age 28
Height 5'7" (Varies)
Build Athletic
Eyes NA
Hair NA
Skin NA (Steel)
Factions [Forthcoming]


Anima is known for committing occasional acts of vigilante heroism and rescuing kittens from trees. Kelly Smith is known locally and online as an accomplished amateur smith.


Anima/Kelly has a reputation for effervescence and an at times discomforting passion for machines and metals, while also being steadfast, honest, and eager to insert herself where she thinks she can help.


Kelly Smith was born to a loving lower-middle class family in the suburban eastern US where she enjoyed a full and happy childhood. As a toddler, she found a bolt fallen from the leg brace of the Olympian Hephaestus and used it as a pacifier - imparting her with a sliver of his magic that would steer the course of her later life.

While still young, her family was in a car accident that cost her the lower half of one leg. Undeterred by her new handicap, Kelly traded her love of running sports for rollerblades and machines, finding them more comfortable for her prosthesis. Kept at her side as a fond memento, Hephaestus' bolt found itself often spinning between her fingers or clenched in her teeth as a fidgeting habit.

One day, Kelly tripped and nearly fell down a full flight of stairs, only for her prosthetic leg to jump forward and catch her. Startled by the simple limbs unnatural mobility, she experimented further and discovered her supernatural ability - to animate anything she touched. Finding in it a new lease on life, Kelly redoubled her passions for roller sports and machines (to the detriment of her grades) and even constructed an armor suit to use for vigilante crime fighting.

Unfortunately while Kelly's heart was in the right place her preparations were not, and after stopping a bank robbery in an extremely messy altercation, she limped her way to the nearest hospital trailing blood, only to learn that her pulse had long-since stopped. Now literally a shell of her former self, Anima has tried to do her best adjusting to her new unlife and the uneasy separation it's created from her family by doing what she does best: making things.

Character Details

Anima likes things that move. The sound of a car firing up with a new ignition or exhaust system always makes her a little tingly. Her home is a cacophony of spinning gears and chugging pistons, and the steel smith is much the same. Effervescent, boundlessly passionate about machines and metalwork, and perhaps a little too much of a thrill-seeker, Anima loves a project and will gladly dive headfirst into anything that can be built, rebuilt, revised, or revamped with a hammer and wrench.

Almost as much as she enjoys the automated churn of her workshop, Anima takes time to enjoy the fruits of her labor, selling and showcasing new pieces when she gets the chance, and joyriding more than a few armor ideas. Unphased by the thought of personal risk in the service of others and further bolstered by the relative invulnerability of her body, she's remained an active if unofficial hero where ever she can find a need.

Beneath her verve and selflessness though, Anima isn't without her own troubles. Feeling distanced from humanity, she overcompensates in seeking attention with her loud and friendly manners and takes criticisms harshly. Bouts of loneliness and too much free time have given the steel smith an addictive personality and for both good and ill, she's prone to diving head-first into new knowledge, experiences, or games - chasing her next big thing much like a cat with a ball of yarn.


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