Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer
Full Name Warren Kenneth Worthington, III
Age 21
Height 6'1"
Build Avian
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men


High flying adventurer. Pretty boy with wings.


Depending on who you speak to, Warren Worthington is either a high flying adventurer, or a winged menace to society. A known mutant and trust fund child, he's known for his altruistic behaviors towards disabled youth, mutant or otherwise.


The Worthington name has been synonymous with wealth and influence for generations. Warren Worthington III was born into the family as the latest addition and was showered with attention and gifts since his birth. He was also groomed to someday lead Worthington Industries, a company of heavy industry and consumer goods. His early life was one of comfort and pampering, his parents supportive and grew up in the Hamptons, a child of private schools and rigorous training for the world that awaited him.

That is until he was nine years old. Warren developed two small leisons and then lumps near his shoulder blades. Fearful that it was cancer, his parents had him go to the doctor for a biopsy. What they discovered instead of a tumor was far more daming - it was bones and feathers. Within three weeks, Warren would sprout wings from his back. His father demanded that they be removed, and he underwent surgery. But each time they were removed, they would grow back in a matter of days. Warren was a mutant, and noone could do anything about it. The pressure that his father put on him to hide the deformity was devastating, but it would be his mother developing lumps of a far more fatal condition that would shape Warren's life.

Warren's mother, riddled with cancer, showed the young man that all the influence, power, and money in the world could not heal all ills. His mother spent her last years loving her son, showing him the affection he had always craved. This opened him to the rebellion that would pit him against his father - and embracing who and what he was.

In the wake of his mother's death, Warren's father was left in a compromising position. He was firmly against mutants, but his own son was one. He sent his son off to school, hoping that they could maintain some semblance of a relationship. Warren, however, saw this as an opprotunity. Doning a mask and homemade costume, he took to the streets to rescue people in trouble, the occassional kitten in a tree, and fight crime over all. While most of the world didn't know it was him, his father did, and it escalated the tensions between the two. Warren's father finally reached a compromise and enrolled Warren in Xavier's institute. He even allowed him to join the X-Men as long as he wore a mask. But he would also insist time and time again that Warren would need to 'grow up' someday and take over the family corporation.

Warren grew into a strong and resourceful man, and in his late teens, things would come to a head between his father and him. With the tensions over the mutant condition intensifying and the business becoming more demanding on his failing health, Warren's father turned to the pharmaceutical arm of Worthington Industries to develop a cure for mutant DNA. He wanted Warren to be the first patient of the new medicine when they seemed to have a working prototype. Disgusted and outraged, Warren denounced his father's name and left the comfortable world of the Worthington name to embrace his mutant abilities and the Xavier Institute.

Seperated from his family, he was not on his speaking terms with his father. He went to bed one evening, with thoughts of contacting him soon, and woke up the next day to find out that things.. weren't exactly the same. His father was gone and he now held controlling interest in Worthington Industries and a sizable trust fund for his 25th birthday. And that's not all that's changed…

Character Details

Warren has learned to somewhat embrace his uniqueness. His mutantion developed sooner than most, and because it is such a visual one, he had to learn to cope early. While he railed against it early on, it was his own rebellious nature that caused him to come to terms with the idea of being a winged human. Having grown up with stringent rules and his father's forcefulness for being successful, Warren developed a touch of arrogance that makes his stand out. This is not helped much by the fact that he is also devastatingly handsome with willowy features, blonde hair, a fit physique and the wings of a God.

However, there's always going to be an inner clash within him. He watched his mother wither away and die from an illness that no amount of money can cure. He sees his mutation and those of others in much the same way - no amount of money will ever fix the issue of mutants being discriminated against, it will take action, pure and simple - which made him a natural choice for Xavier's School of Gifted Youngsters.

Being Angel is a two-edged sword. While he can help others, it exposes him for who he really is - he can't hide behind a mask as others can. He has made it a determined quest not to be caged. Either physically or mentally - Warren will never fully be a rich spoiled brat, or just another mutant. He strives to be a hero, and it's a lofty goal that he may never meet.


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