Portrayed by Jason Momoa
Full Name Anduvin Ulricson
Age 27 (Immortal)
Height 6'4"
Build Athletic
Eyes Ocean Blue
Hair Raven Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions asgard


An Asgardian God of Fire.


an Asgardian God of Fire. Among the Asgardians, he is just truly learning the full extent of his powers and is considered a young god. An incredible warrior and swordsmen. As of earth's recognition, not much, if at all, is known about him.


Anduvin Ulricson was born on Asgard to Ulric Morson and Yuri Nurndottir some thousand years ago. Born in such a glorious warrior culture, Anduvin immediately wanted to join the Eirnherjar and become an elite warrior. Born with an innate and powerful connection to the flame, it seemed Anduvin was prepared for great things in his long lifetime.

He grew up a prodigy of combat, eventually able to best some of the greatest warriors. Though he has suffered the hard lessons he needed to. Pride came before fall, overconfidence is a toxin of the mind, and to always respect one's enemies, lest they overwhelm you. Everything was peaceful (for an Asgardian) in Anduvin's life…that is, until Musphelheim.

During a battle between Asgard's soldiers and the demonic, flaming legions of Musphelheim, the legend among many is that Anduvin had fought through legions of enemies while bathed in fire, having not surrendered even when a seemingly fatal blow had been struck. In part to his determination and skill, Asgard won the day….and in honor of such heroism, Anduvin was granted a place among the Gods as the God of Fire. Given the mighty blade birthed from the core of a sun, Aldrnari, Anduvin took his place among the gods, and has fought solely for the glory of Asgard. Though now he comes to Midgard in search of adventure…

Character Details

Anduvin is a very lively indiviudal. incredibly quick-witted and easy-learning, He's always eager to learn something new or meet a new person. Though when the situation calls for it he can be grim and serious, more often than not he's among the loudest people in the room and loves to be around others. Just depends on the situation.


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