Portrayed by
Full Name Omikami Ami (Mortal Identity)
Age 19 (???)
Height 5'3
Build Slim
Eyes Brown/Amber
Hair Black
Skin Pale
Factions Amatsu-Kami



In Japan and among those who follow the beliefs of the Shinto Amaterasu's name brings with it the tales of a benevolent goddess many would seek the graces of. In the modern age however, the reach of Shintoism barely extends past the shores of Japan and thus many mortals would likely have never heard of her without an interest in mythology and culture. %r%r Among other 'Gods', those that knew of the Amatsu-Kami may also know of her existence.


Billions of years ago, the elder god Gaea in the form of Izanami and a young Amatsu-Kami; Izanagi ventured into a formless world that was dominated by a dark, primordial void where the ancient force of nature known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi existed and reigned alone. "Gaea" began to populate Earth with living creatures. Along with Izanagi the couple plunged a spear into the ocean and created the island that one day would be known as Japan. The couple created the rest of the Amatsu-Kami who later came to be worshipped as gods by the Humans of this land.

Among their children, Amaterasu was born. The 'goddess' of the sun and princess of the Amatsu-Kami, Amaterasu watched over the humans who worshipped them, bringing the warmth of the sun and flourishing of the crops. As time would pass, the Amatsu-Kami would turn their attentions to the matters of 'gods' and the other pantheons of extra-dimensional beings, only to turn their gaze to mortals once more in idle flights of fancy. While the goddess had always found joy in watching humanity flourish, the march of time and the modern age had convinced Amaterasu that they simply weren't needed. Humanity and the champions that sprang from its numbers could take care of themselves.

Then the universe shook. An elder god fell and the echo was felt throughout all the 'heavens' of the universe. Change was coming and there was only so much they could see and prepare for from their hidden realm of Ama. More action had to be taken, and as Amaterasu peered back to the realm of earth she found her inspiration for what she would do among the other beings who stood as champions and 'gods' on Earth. While the other Amatsu-Kami would debate and watch from afar, this time she would walk the world itself and take a more…direct approach in trying to help humankind.

Character Details

It is difficult to accurately describe Amaterasu's personality. Being a benevolent 'goddess' she always wishes to spread happiness and prosparity to those she encounters and to bring out the good in all of mankind. If a living being is in need of assistance, Ami almost always offer up her services without hesitation. This can however lead to conflict when the affair of mortals and the 'gods' collide.


RP Logs & Journals

April 13, 2019: Coffee and shop talk pt.1

Caitlin Fairchild seeks out Amaterasu, having heard of the young Goddess, to make her an offer.

(permalink: log:8439 | tags: amaterasu fairchild | posted: 13 Apr 2019 06:38)

April 03, 2019: Snatching the Sun

Amaterasu hunts after human traffickers by laying a trap, Darkedge seeks her out and joins the battle.

(permalink: log:8427 | tags: amaterasu darkedge | posted: 03 Apr 2019 05:01)

March 10, 2019: No plan ever survives contact with superheroes or sun gods.

An armoured car robbery doesn't go entirely to plan.

(permalink: log:8415 | tags: amaterasu jigsaw wasp | posted: 11 Mar 2019 03:53)

January 20, 2019: Daylight Robbery

Russo and his crew take hostages to steal from an armored van right as Amaterasu is passing by with a burger.

(permalink: log:8358 | tags: amaterasu jigsaw nyc | posted: 20 Jan 2019 06:24)

January 04, 2019: Ice and Bullets

Captain Cold, Grifter and the goddess Amaterasu all want something Black Mask keeps in his vault. Trouble follows. (Scene backdated to just before Christmas 2018)

(permalink: log:8324 | tags: amaterasu captain_cold_l gotham grifter | posted: 05 Jan 2019 03:39)

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