Nakano Rin
Agent Nakano
Portrayed by Mika Nakashima
Full Name Nakano Rin
Age 24
Height 5'3"
Build Atheletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions SHIELD


SHIELD Agent and Hacker


Rude but effective.


While Nakano Rin was not her birth name, the SHIELD Agent’s life began like every other middle child’s life. Her elder sister was accomplished musician, her brother was the athlete, so that left her the academic role in the family. She was introverted, and spent a lot of time on the computer, or reading. Still she was very close to her older sister, and she was one of the few people that could get Rin out of her shell.

Tragedy struck one summer evening when Rin and her sister were out for a drive. The driving conditions were near perfect, and yet her sister lost control of the vehicle. Rin does not remember the car flipping, or the sound of the glass around them shattering. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital days later. Aside from a head injury and a broken arm she came out mostly unschathed.

Her parents were reluctant to tell her that her sister did not survive the crash, they feared that it would upset Rin. She had changed, something about that accident affected her. Since then, she’s had the ability to manipulate technology. She realized it after she woke up in the hospital and noticed the ease she had in accessing the computers that were left in the hallway. It was through those computers that she learned her sister was dead.

She was frustrated and confused. What caused the car to lose control like that? Her anger needed a focus, and after a bit of research she realized there were other cars that had the same issues and they all used the same parts from a specific manufacturer. She wanted to expose them, and get some justice for her sister, and the others who were affected by this company’s products.

Atomic Automotive turned out to only be a front. Sure they did manufacture parts, but they did it on the cheap and had a strong enough legal team that most people would settle out of court. Rin wasn’t satisfied with this, so she followed the money, and where it lead was unexpected. It turns out that the people behind Atonic Automotive was Hydra, and they were not too pleased about being hacked. Rin was only fifteen at the time, and while her enhanced abilities helped her get in, they weren't great at getting out without leaving a trace.

She was arrested and while the prosecution lawyers attempted to get her tried as an adult, her case stayed inside of the Juvenile court. Even so she was sentenced harshly and was forced to spend the next three years in a detention center. Her family was very displeased with her and while they would occasionally visit, their visits became infrequent. She was at least able to continue her studies and earn her diploma, but she wasn’t sure what was going to happen once she left.

A week before her 18th birthday, she met with a representative of SHIELD. He called himself Agent Coulson, and he said that they had been watching her. Her antics with Atomic Automotive put her on their radar, and they wanted to offer her a job. They knew of her skill and while she didn’t have access to computers while locked up, she did read all she could about them.

Rin accepted the offer, under the condition that she be given a new identity. There was a lot she needed to leave behind, and she figured that this would protect her family should things go horribly wrong working as a government agent. She spent the next six years training to become a Field Operative.

It’s during that training that she realized how many enhanced creatures they were fighting. She began tinkering with implants, and trying to improve her own abilities through technology. So far her best inventions are a small screen to go over her eye, and a device that helps her blend in with the surroundings and increase her stealth.

Character Details

Rin is a very brusk and to the point young woman. Some people might consider her rude with the lack of a filter she seems to have on her mouth. Most of her time is either spent running missions in SHIELD or honing her computer skills. She works well in a team, but doesn’t seek out much in the way of companionship outside of work. She stays within the lines, but it’s hard to tell if it is because of the implant shield shoved in her, or if she really is trying to turn her life around. Her intentions are usually noble, it’s just the way she goes about fixing things rarely isn’t.


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