Agent Green
Agent Green
Portrayed by Max Martini
Full Name Simon Maximilian Green
Age 36
Height 6'1"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Graying Ginger
Skin Freckled Caucasian
Factions SHIELD



Outside of SHIELD, Simon Green has no reputation at all. He's a semi-anonymous "counter-terrorism analyst contracted with a government organization with an acronym" living in the New York area and occasionally traveling outside the country to look at semi-important paperwork. Inside of SHIELD, Simon is known as a skilled field agent, able to break into exceptionally-well-guarded facilities.


Born in Springfield, MA, Bradley Butler grew up in the lower-middle-class home of his widowed mother. His father was a member of the US Army special forces killed in Central America shortly after his birth. His mother had to work two jobs to support them growing up, but did her best not to complain in front of her son. Brad grew up to be big and strong, playing football, basketball, and baseball in high school. Influenced by his football coach (another US Army veteran), he joined the Army immediately upon graduation.


As soon as he was eligible, he volunteered for special forces himself, passing the Q-Course and becoming a Green Beret. He saw service in areas of the world not mentioned outside of classified documents, and after assisting a Company man in a particularly hairy escape from a situation in Pakistan, he was recruited into the CIA. Bradley Butler vanished, and Simon Green was created to join The Company (for greater plausible deniability, because the CIA knew Simon was going to be doing some rather bad things for them). He got a great deal more experience in various areas of the Middle East and South Asia with them.

It was during these missions that Simon's ability first manifested — while it is frequent for someone hiding behind cover to concentrate very hard on a guard not spotting them, it is vanishingly rare for said guard to walk around the corner, stare straight at them for a moment, and then turn and walk away. It saved the operation, and probably Simon's life. He kept the ability quiet as long as he could, working to understand it — or at least how to use it — as well as to hone his craft. Eventually, however, whispers began to spread, and not long after that, after 6 years with the CIA, Simon was recruited into SHIELD.

Simon has served with SHIELD for 4 years, and has become a trusted field agent, linguist, and analyst.

Character Details

Outgoing, confident, and easy-going, Simon works best when he's given broad orders that he can interpret freely — but he wants those orders, he's not the sort to make up his own mission.


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