Aesh A. Amilton
Portrayed by
Full Name Aesh A. Amilton
Age 20
Height 6'1
Build Tall & athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian


Aesh is famous for being the owner of Gentech, a well-known robotics company


Aesh is known for helping other people. From helping an old lady to cross the street to organizing a charity event. He's alsso been known to openly fight crime.


Aesh was originally born and raised in Metropolis. His father was the owner of Gentech, a company that especialized in developing cybernetics and in robotics. His mother died when he was a baby, leaving his father to raise Aesh alone. Aesh had always been gentle. He never had a problem with sharing his things with others. As a child, Aesh developed an interest in tinkering with machinery. He loved to know and understand how machines and electronics worked. It wasn't long before he started to work alongside his father, father and son managing their small enterprise. Aesh's life was.. Normal, really. He enjoyed games, comics, had friends… Then, one day, everything changed. Aesh and his father were about to go have lunch. Aesh got in the car and started the engine. Then he heard a loud bang followed by pain.. Pain and cold. He awoke months later. Turns out a bomb had been planted in the car, the bomb had been meant to kill his father. His father, fortunately, didn't get hurt. The explosion destroyed most of Aesh's body. His father, calling on a few favours, managed to create a life support system for his son and rebuilt his body, using cybernetic parts. When Aesh came to and learned about what happened to him, from a tearful parent, he grinned. "Thats.. Cool, father." The young man said in his calm voice. "At least, I'm still alive.". Aesh's new body wasn't ideal, however. There were glitches in the system and his movements were too sluggish. "Hmmm this need work." Aesh munbled, inspecting his body for the hundred time. He asked his father for help, help which was granted. So, he started to upgrade his body. He developed a more sturdy chassis through the use of some technology that was still experimental. Fortunately, everything worked. It was while he was upgrading his body that he discovered that the bomb had been planted by a member of Gentech. The man was his father's best friend and would inherite the business if both Aesh and his father were to be killed. 'Hmm so he did it for selfishness.' Aesh thought. It was then that he decided to make the best of his situation. He started to weaponize his cybernetics, having decided he would not let other people suffer like he had. When he told his father about his intentions, his father agreed to give his son all the help he would need. Gentech was oficially passed to Aesh's name, his father now adopting more of a supportive role. Now, Aesh looks forward to the future, anxious to see what life will throw at him.

Character Details

Friendly, easy-going and generous with a sense of justice.


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