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Announcements in 2016

Items are in order of when they were posted, which does not necessarily reflect the order in which they originally happened or their place in IC continuity.


by _Vertex__Vertex_ 06 Nov 2016 15:11

summary: 'Inhumans / Nuhumans state of theme update'
announcement: "After the plot events of \"Only the Strong\" the Terrigen Clouds have been set loose on the world, NuHumans have become a thing 'of the now' and our world has changed. \nWith the Inhumans city of Attilan destroyed and King Blackagar Boltagon missing who will guide these newly born, lost metahumans?"


by _Vertex__Vertex_ 14 Oct 2016 13:55

summary: ''
announcement: "Hey CoMuX, \n\n Welcome Behemoth aboard and get ready for some Halloween themed events towards the end of the month. Ghosts, ghouls, Dire Wraiths, MAYBE even Zombies! \n\nAlso there is that whole ongoing Horsemen of the Apocalypse threat!\n\n Join in, toss your own stories out and stay tuned. Lets all look forward to a great Holiday season!\n\n"

And... we're back.

by _Vertex__Vertex_ 05 Sep 2016 13:54

summary: 'My bad'
announcement: "Hiccup corrected and we're back on. Sorry about that you can now return to your adventures and/or capers.\n\n~Bahamut"

Temporarily Down

by _Vertex__Vertex_ 05 Sep 2016 13:50

summary: Oops
announcement: 'Just awaiting our hosting services to get back with us and we should be back online at some point today. Apologies on the hiccup and while you wait please enjoy complimentary silence. It''s free with every visit.'

Only Getting Better

by FaIIacyFaIIacy 23 Jul 2016 15:29

summary: 'After some feedback, we''ve done some tweaking to the MC log changes.'
announcement: "After a small review and some tweaking, an adjustment has been made to the character log requirements making it a bit more eased (we hope!) for your ability to get MC's. \n\nFor the adjustments and break down click here.\n\nAs always, enjoy the RP!"

Changes To Our Character Policies

by Ulani BlueUlani Blue 07 Jul 2016 01:30

summary: 'Here''s the short version for you…'
announcement: "Hello Comux!\n\nThere’s been some changes to the alts policy that can be viewed here. Here’s the short version, for those of you who like things quick.\n\nVC’s are now going to be MC’s.\nOur intent as staff with the VC designation had been to give characters without much in the way of social graces or potential for character growth more time to get those villainous scenes in. The problem, we have since discovered, is what does and does not constitute villainy is pretty subjective and the RP restrictions placed on bits in order to qualify for VC status can wind up being a barrier to RP in and of themselves. Accordingly all VC’s are being reclassified as MC’s.\n\nThis does place them under the standard MC activity requirements, but all restrictions on their behavior and RP have also been lifted. In effect, they’re now a character like any other, although players are reminded to 'respect the source background' of the character they choose to app and play.\n\nCharacter Slots\nWe are doing away with character ‘slots’ and overhauling our previous ‘extra slot’ system in an effort to make it more transparent, and easier to understand. Our intent with ‘extra’ slots had always been to reward activity. \n\nNow, instead of slots, those applying for a new MC character will simply have their activity levels checked against the requirements for an additional MC bit. So long as your activity supports additional characters, you can have additional MCs. The required activity levels are posted with the policy. Note that the minimum activity requirements to keep a character remain almost unchanged.\n\nThe rest of the policy ‘changes’ mostly consist of clarifications or slight alterations to make remembering or implementing the policy easier.\n\nHow does this affect me?\nSo, how does this affect you right now? The short answer is that unless you have a VC it doesn’t. No one is going to lose anything. All players are considered ‘grandfathered’ in with their present number of characters. The only time most of these policy changes are going to come up is when you decide to app a new character and then, whether you can apply is simplified. \n\nAgain, no one is having anything taken away from them.\n\nFor those who have a VC, the only change you will see is your VC will now be considered an MC (indeed any character from established comics - hero, anti-hero or villain - will be considered an MC from here on out). \n\nEmitting Villains\nGood RP often requires a good villain or antagonist. We encourage you to emit antagonists that aren't controlled by players for one shot scenes or very short story arcs. If you would like to emit an antagonist for a longer player run plot, submit a +request with your idea and how long you think it might take so that staff can approve it and know to remove that antagonist from the pool of useable (be it for application or use as an NPC) characters.\n\nOf course, the antagonist isn't to be killed, maimed or have their character fundamentally altered in any way by your usage and the antagonist must appropriate to the city they are emitted in (i.e don't use a Superman antagonist in Gotham).\n\nA good place to start looking for antagonists is our Recurring Villains page\n\nQuestions, Queries, Feedback\nWe're sure there will be some questions on the new policy and we'd love to hear them. Please submit a +request so that we can track the question and our response. It will help in the long term!\n\nKeep up the great RP and ideas and have fun out on the grid\n\n~The Summons\n"

Code Gremlin Roundup

by Ulani BlueUlani Blue 13 Apr 2016 01:37

summary: 'Back in the box with them….'
announcement: "Hey CoMuxers,\n\nIt took some doing, but the code gremlins have been rounded up and contained. The issues with logs not showing on the pages has been resolved.\n\nChocobo"

Code Gremlins on the Loose

by Mourndrake13Mourndrake13 11 Apr 2016 19:45

summary: 'Maxwell! Get out of there!'
announcement: "Hey CoMuxers!\n\nAt the moment we're experiencing some issues with our recent logs code. Fortunately the RP Log Archives are still capturing the logs correctly - they're just not displaying on the recent logs page for some reason - so for all those trying to keep up, have a look there. Just note that the Archives captures logs in the order they're posted, not by IC date. We'll update when we stuff this code gremlin back in it's box.\n\nRegards\n\nVal"

Emergency Server Maintenance

by Ulani BlueUlani Blue 26 Jan 2016 02:14

summary: 'Site access issues fixed'
announcement: "Our hosting provider is still experiencing issues with intermittent packet loss. As a result they are still conducting work on the network. Unfortunately, that means there will be periods of time when the game will be unavailable until this is resolved.\n\nWhere possible, we'll provide warning beforehand.\n\nLast update: 26 Jan, 2016 03.22am\n\nJan 26, 2016 7.30pm - Our provider has advised that the issues with the network have been resolved.\n\n\n"

Trouble Connecting

by Mourndrake13Mourndrake13 03 Jan 2016 00:07

summary: 'Due to recent changes…'
announcement: "Hey Players!\n\nThere is a chance that some of you may have trouble connecting from one or two web based sites due to recent staff activity taken to get rid of someone abusing our service and players. If that is the case, please log in via a non web based client to ask staff for an alternate (we know one or two) or, if unable, send us a message to ten.ega-ht6|ffats#ten.ega-ht6|ffats and we can try to help you."

Announcements in 2015

Items are in order of when they were posted, which does not necessarily reflect the order in which they originally happened or their place in IC continuity.

Happy Holidays!

by _Vertex__Vertex_ 16 Dec 2015 03:50

summary: 'Tis the Season'
announcement: "Hey there CoMux'ers!\n\nWith the upcoming busy days starting soon we're going to go ahead and make log requirements null from today (the 14th) on to the 3rd of January. Which means any sort of inactivity won't count against anyone.\n\nSo please, rest up, eat some Holiday grub, enjoy family time and the upcoming New Year! \nCheers, \nBahamut and the Summons\n\n*Also thank Valefor for the reminder ;)"

Happy Halloween!

by _Vertex__Vertex_ 01 Nov 2015 03:02

summary: ''
announcement: "Happy Halloween, CoMuX! We hope everyone has had a great day and we look forward to the upcoming holiday plots and fun times our great community has brewing. \nCheers!"

Temporarily Down

by _Vertex__Vertex_ 05 Sep 2015 15:42

summary: 'Game will be up in a couple hours!'
announcement: "Oops! The game will be back up in a couple hours. \nBlame that Dragon. He is just… something else…\n\n\n~Bahamut (formerly Vertex but still Vertex and then some)"

All Clear

by Mourndrake13Mourndrake13 06 Aug 2015 23:28

summary: 'Oh there it is. It was under the couch.'
announcement: "The MUSH is back up.\n\nVal"

Unscheduled Downtime

by Mourndrake13Mourndrake13 06 Aug 2015 23:11

summary: 'Where''d the World Go?!'
announcement: "The MUSH is currently offline. Mateus, Chocobo and Valefor are investigating and hope to have it up shortly. Our apologies for any interruption of RP plans.\n\nVal"

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