While any member of staff would be glad to try and help you, not everyone has the same skillsets or information as the others. Please reference the following to see which staff members would best be able to help you with your needs:


Dealing with players about OOC matters falls under the purview of Administration.

  • Enforcing Policy
  • Player-Staff Relations
  • Player Disputes


The game's theme and backstory as well as the forward story as well as plots, control of NPCs, and anything to do with actual interaction with the game world is handled by the Roleplay area.

  • Overall world-story
  • NPCs and background organizations
  • PRP (Player-Run Plots) help/approval
  • Staff-organized plots


What characters are available, getting a character, what to put on their +sheet, making changes to a character after approval, if it's something under +sheet these are your guys.

  • Stats & Benchmarking
  • Banned/Restricted characters
  • Character Approvals
  • Character Upgrades/+sheet changes
  • Game 'balance' - Especially important with the differing levels of DC vs Marvel


This is the back-end of the game. The things that most people only notice when they're broken. Talk to Systems staff about the following:

  • Hardcode - This deals with TinyMUX #1
    • Typos or formatting (not content) in +help or news files
  • Softcode - If it starts with a + (Like +finger, +who, +where etc) then it probably falls under this
  • Building - Exits going to the wrong place? @desc missing on a room? This falls under Building.
  • Wiki - This isn't about wiki content. This is "I can't log into the wiki", "How do I undo an edit", "I forgot my password" etc.
  • Site - These are things that deal directly with our host Third Generation Hosting or domain (
    • Notifying the playerbase of any scheduled downtime
    • Making sure the game/wiki is paid for
    • Making sure the domain name is paid for

Active Staffers


Headwiz and the keeper of theme

Wikidot ID: _Vertex__Vertex_


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Tenacious D

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Retired Staffers



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Wikidot ID: Modern EmpressModern Empress


Wikidot ID: AdrammelechAdrammelech

Other Wizards You Might See Around Top

These aren't so much individual staffers as they are shared-bits that the actual staff uses for administrative purposes. If you see 'em on, ignore 'em. Direct all your inquiries to one of the Active Staffers listed above.

The Summoner AKA Michael Jackson

If you see 'The Summoner' online, you're seeing a different incarnation of a staffer. Generally, the god character is brought on only for special occasions to do with the server.


Builder's the bit that's responsible for the creation of the code and the grid. If the Builder's on, it's only there to add something to the grid.

Mortal Tester

Mort's not a wizard. He's a player character reserved for testing the code. If you see Mort on, chances are our resident code monkeys are working on something new.

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