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CoMUX1 is a superhero-based RPG with a focus on providing a wide variety of RP within a relatively cohesive and consistent world. Characters' actions not only affects that world, but also define what sort of future that world will have!

Players are invited to take on the roles of heroes, villains, and everyone in between… even the poor Regular Joes just caught in the middle of it all.

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CoMUX players must be aware:

  • Although CANON in source, respectfully, this is, and always will be, a NON-CANON game. Do not app, RP, or determine things are going to happen based on the comic book character you choose (the character's concept, image and idea must still match a canonical source - the story is where things change the most). You may be asked to tweak or remove completely items due to this. You cannot justify an action, reaction, application, or character history based on what has happened in the chosen comics or books. They are all based on your take, as you are the current writer, so be creative! Characters also may have already been played here. You are not asked to be the prior player, but just to simply honor their prior interaction with others as it effects them too. Mind, this is your take when you pick the bit up so you do not have to keep it but RP might be asked of you to reasonably make it change! That is not always a bad thing. Please keep this in mind and review Current and Previously Played MC's. If you do not like this, Original Characters are more than welcome!
  • Please read through the game's theme and timeline prior to apping, as well as prior logged RP if the character was played before.
  • Errors, glitches, and bugs may occur. While we always do our best to minimize these issues, but please remember to be patient and understanding when Something Unexpected occurs.
  • RP interaction should be considered 'at your own risk.' There is no lifeguard on duty, but there are staffers around to lend a hand or two.

Stories range from large, game-changing interfaction politics and corporate boardroom deals to small, character-driven interpersonal relationships and back-alley encounters. There will be overarching metaplots, that will help direct the world's development. But, you get out of the game whatever you put into it. Thus, players are highly encouraged to get as actively involved as they possibly can in all facets of play. This means you, too, could craft a metaplot and Change the World!

Please remember that almost every aspect of the game is in a state of flux. We staffer folk have our hands mighty full holding this ship together, but we're here to play, too. Just like you.

So, don't mind the dust, and watch out for the power tools.

Newest Announcement: We're Back Up!
08 Nov 2018 02:16Modern EmpressModern Empress

A huge shout out to Dead Girl's player, who got the host to turn the game back on. Your game salutes you!

In the meantime, everyone please be sure to @decompile your characters. It's a good practice to get into, but for the near future please be certain to keep this current version of your character set-up saved in a safe place.

If you've never done one before, it's super easy! Just type:

@decompile me

What you will get back is a return of all of the attributes set on your character. Copy and Paste these into a .txt file or GDoc… And then you know all of the things you have set!

~*~ Muse ~*~

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